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Big City Adventure Shanghai
Explore the international metropolis of Shanghai! New! 
Christmas Stories - A Christmas Carol
Everyone deserves a second chance New! 
Dark Dimensions - Somber Song CE Save the town of Seven Oaks from a dark dimension! New!  Emberwing - Lost Legacy CE A dragon has awoken after a hundred years New!  Dark Asylum - Mystery Adventure Begin the descent into darkness today! New! 
Grim Tales - Bloody Mary Save your niece from the evil presence! New!  Haunted Train - Spirits of Charon Charon's train has left the station! New!  Gardenscapes 2 Restore the family garden
Mystery and Murder Double Pack Ready for a double feature of murder and mystery New!  Curse of the Werewolves Dark family secrets Mystery Case Files - Fate's Carnival Something wicked has taken over Fate’s Carnival! New! 
Curse at Twilight Thief of Souls Danse Macabre - The Last Adagio CE A dance that never dies... New!  Revived Legends - Road of the Kings Save two worlds! New! 
House of 1000 Doors Family Secrets Panopticon: Path of Reflections Separate reality from fantasy! Amaranthine Voyage - The Living Mountain CE Return once again to a fantastic world! New! 
Search for Wonderland An innovative take on the hidden object genre! New!  Mystery of the Ancients - Three Guardians CE The town of Green Hill has gone to the birds! New!  Silent Scream II: The Bride Help Jessica find her husband!
More great hidden object games
Legacy Tales Mythic Wonders - Philosopher's Stone CE New!  The Last Dream New! 
Witches' Legacy - Hunter and the Hunted CE New!  Christmas Wonderland 6 New!  Where Angels Cry - Tears of the Fallen CE New! 
Dark Dimensions - City of Ash CE New!  Dark Tales - EAP The Fall of the House of Usher CE New!  Escape from Lost Island
Mayan Prophecies - Cursed Island New!  Dark Parables The Final Cinderella CE New!  Big City Adventure - Barcelona New! 
Amazing Adventures 2 Dream Day True Love Haunted Hotel Eclipse CE New! 
Mystery Trackers - Raincliff's Phantoms New!  Barn Yarn Eventide - Slavic Fable CE New! 
Hide and Secret 4 Relics of Fate: A Penny Macey Mystery Fear For Sale - Nightmare Cinema CE New! 
Lost Lands - The Golden Curse CE New!  Otherworld - Shades of Fall Collector's Edition New!  House of 1000 Doors 2
Myths of the World - Spirit Wolf CE New!  Natalie Brooks 3 The Fixer Upper
The Hidden Object Show 3 Eternity Fishdom H2O
Mystery P.I. Los Angeles Dark Lore Mysteries Dark Parables - Jack and the Sky Kingdom New! 
Dream Inn Empress of the Deep Lost Civilization
Margrave Manor 3 Treasures of Mystery Island 3 Fear For Sale - Nightmare Cinema New! 
Murder, She Wrote Order of the Light - The Deathly Artisan New!  Psych
The Lake House Where Angels Cry Dark Dimensions - City of Ash New! 
Escape Rosecliff Island Halloween - Trick or Treat 2 New!  Marooned
Mortimer Beckett Crimson Thief Spirits of Mystery - The Silver Arrow New!  City Sights: Hello, Seattle!
Dark Strokes Memory Clinic The Moonstone
Amazing Adventures 3 Behind the Reflection Escape the Lost Kingdom
Escape the Museum 2 Midnight Mysteries 3 Sacra Terra
Sacra Terra 2 Twisted Lands Insomniac Samantha Swift 2
Unexpected Journey Born into Darkness Howlville
King Arthur Mirror Mysteries Paige Harper
The Inquisitor Trapped Aquascapes
Annies Millions Committed Dark Arcana
Gourmania 3 Infected the Twin Vaccine Mystery PI The Vegas Heist
Natural Threat Twisted Lands Origin Dead Man's Folly
Jane Angel Magic Encyclopedia Moonlight Nightfall Mysteries
Robin's Quest Secrets of the Dragon Wheel The Hound of the Baskervilles
Vampire Brides White Haven Mysteries Womens Murder Club 2
Womens Murder Club 4 Mae Q'West Vision in White
Fiction Fixers Goddess Chronicles Hypnosis
Sea Legends Snark Busters Twisted Lands Shadow Town
Voodoo Whisperer Weird Park Ghost Whisperer
Hotel Mountain Crime Nightfall Mysteries 2
Shadow Town The Gates of Xibalba Vault Cracker
Gardenscapes Weird Park: The Final Show Mind's Eye
Sprill and Ritchie THEM the Summoning Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover
Settlement Colossus Mortimer Beckett Time Paradox 100 Percent Hidden Objects
Escape the Museum LUXOR Adventures The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen
The Curse of Oz Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night Mexicana: Deadly Holiday
Pure Hidden The Fog Alex Hunter
Jewel Legends Living Legends Ice Rose Magician's Handbook
Mystery PI Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond Laura Jones 2
Manor Memoirs Shtriga Summer Camp Magic Encyclopedia
Antique Road Trip Behind the Reflection Bundle Deadly Voltage
Dreamland Fairy Tale Mysteries Myths of Orion - Light from the North
Samantha Swift Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King Mystery P.I. - New York
Odysseus Shadows Price for our Sins Three Days Zoo Mystery
9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek Alexandra Fortune Echoes of Sorrow 2
Fall of the New Age Matchmaker Joining Hearts Tower of Elements
Broken Hearts Golden Bird of Paradise HS Little Shop Memories
Little Shop World Traveler Mystery Cruise Natalie Brooks 2
Snark Busters 2 Snark Busters 3 Treasures of Mystery Island
Warlock: The Curse of the Shaman Black Rainbow Left in the Dark: No One on Board
Miss Teri Tale 2 Mystery Valley Nightmare on the Pacific
Ancient Secrets 2 Annabel Atlantis Pearls of the Deep
Barn Yarn Free Web Becky Brogan Book of Legends
Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond Dream Day Wedding 3 Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia
Into the Haze Mirror Mysteries 2 The Great Gatsby
GourMania 2 Hidden Expedition Titanic Jewel Quest Mysteries 4
Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Love Alchemy Midnight Mysteries
Princess Isabella Runaway Express Mystery Zooloretto
10 Days to Save the World 20000 Leagues Under the Sea Christmasville
Empress of the Deep 2 Nearwood Collector's Edition Oddly Enough Pied Piper
Save Our Spirit Shadow Shelter Superior Save
Tales From the Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair Twisted Christmas
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