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The Walkthrough

  1. Turn on the magnetophone, get the "key".
  2. Open the door using the "key".
  3. Go around the corner to find the "knife".
  4. Go back to the padded cell and use the "knife" to cut one of the stiches on the wall.
  5. Get the "keycard".
  6. Put the "keycard" in the machine outside the padded cell. When the light turns green, hit the button.
  7. Enter the new area.
  8. Go up the ladder and find "slide" in the storage room.
  9. Go back and down to the bottom to the room with the red squeaky toy.
  10. Look out the window, and zoom in on the code written on the opposite wall. Write down this code or memorize it!
  11. Go back to the entrance of this section. Go right to find the projector. Put "slide" inside, and turn the machine on. Click the picture displayed on the wall. You will then be taken to another section.
  12. Go downstairs and to the right.
  13. Enter the TV room. In that room go left.
  14. Enter the code you have written down into the machine, then hit the button at the bottom.
  15. Collect the "reel".
  16. Exit this room, go back up the stairs and to the far right. You'll see a code lock on the wall. Input "3218" (If you're curious - it was displayed over the entrance over you padded cell as your patient number).
  17. After the wall stops sliding - go right until you find a movie projector. Put the "reel" into the right place.
  18. Hit the button on the projector.
  19. You're out!
Congratulations to the first person to solve Submachine FLF: John Koenig!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Submachine!

Copyright 2007 Mateusz Skutnik