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The Hallway

  1. First you must go through the intro. All you have to do is click and see what happens.
  2. After that you will take the elevator to the hallway.The Hallway Here you will witness Mr. Crumpet being swallowed by “Wyrm”.
  3. When you feel ready you should pick up the spray on the top of the nutrient tank.
  4. When you click it, it will be added to your inventory.
  5. Now go into your inventory and click the spray. You will see that it’s empty and that you should refill it.
  6. Click the spray and then click at the end of the mineral tank. You should see it being refilled.
  7. Now that you got a spray with minerals you should spray the apple that Mr. Crumpet dropped on the ground. Go into the inventory and click the spray and then click the apple. The apple is now hard and stiff.
  8. Click the apple and you will kick it into “Wyrm’s” mouth. It is too hard for him to crush so don’t worry!
  9. Now you must fill the spray with water. Do the same as you have done before. Go into the inventory and click the empty spray. Then at the water tank.
  10. After you have filled the spray with water spray the apple with it.
  11. Now there is only one thing remaining. Fill the spray with nutrients and then spray the apple. The apple should be growing larger and larger every time you click the screen.
  12. Click the apple a few times and then “Wyrm” should crack open and thus release Mr. Curmpet from his belly.
  13. Read a little and click a little and then proceed to the next level.

The Library

  1. Listen to what Mr. Crumpet has to say and then pick up the super glue at the table. The super glue is next to the wine and the lamp.
  2. After you have picked it up, click the chair next to the table. You will use your telekinetic power to put it on the table.
  3. Proceed by clicking the lamp and the lamp shade should disappear.
  4. Now that you have done that equip the super glue and click the top of the lamp.
  5. After you are done pouring glue (the glue will be removed from your inventory) click the chair.
  6. After you have combined the lamp and the chair, just click the screen.
  7. Watch Mr. Crumpets' clumsy antics and then it's time to move on.

Basement 03b

  1. After the animation sequence ends, click the keyboard.
  2. The correct code sequnce is: A-U-R-A.
  3. Move on to the next level.


  1. Listen closely to what Mr. Crumpet has to say.
  2. First you must have a little coal. Click the pile of coal next to the steam engine. You should now have some coal in your inventory.
  3. Equip the coal in the inventory and then click the engine’s oven.
  4. Now that you have added the coal all you are missing now is the water. Equip the spray and then click the water puddle at your right near the bottom of the screen. Now you should have some water.
  5. Equip the spray with water and then click the pipe to the left of the steam engine.
  6. Now click anywhere onscreen to activate the engine.
  7. The door should now be open. Listen to Mr. Crumpet and then finish this episode.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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