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Arcade Games
Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion PE 
Ball of Wonder 
Sally's Spa
Sallys Salon
Jojo’s Fashion Show 3
Wedding Salon 2 Platinum Edition
Cooking Academy 3
Make It Big In Hollywood PE 
Belles Beauty Boutique
Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol PE
Incredible Dracula III - Family Secret CE 
Weather Lord - Graduation CE 
Adelantado 4 - Aztec Skulls
Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever
Cooking Academy 2
Rescue Team 6 Collector's Edition 
Burger Rush 
Delicious - Emily's Motherly Love Value Pack
12 Labours of Hercules 6 - Race for Olympus CE
Burger Bustle
Ranch Rush 2
Ranch Rush
Sky Crew Platinum Edition
Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal PE
Elven Legend 3 - The New Menace 
Emily's Childhood Memories
Farm Frenzy: Heave Ho
Nanny Mania 2
Sally's Quick Clips
Rescue Team 6 
12 Labours of Hercules 6 - Race for Olympus
Bubble Town
Delicious - Emily's Hopes and Fears PE
Elven Legend 3 - The New Menace CE 
Wedding Salon
Pirate Chronicles Collector's Edition
Building the Great Wall of China 2
Jane's Hotel Mania
Sky Crew 
Bistro Boulevard
Hobby Farm
Cathy's Crafts Platinum Edition
Chase for Adventure - The Lost City
Incredible Dracula - Chasing Love
Boutique Boulevard
Incredible Zoo
Princess of Tavern Collector's Edition
Monument Builders Super Pack
Sky Taxi 5
Turbo Bugs 2
Youda Survivor
Adelantado Trilogy Pack 
Chloes Dream Resort
Running With Santa 
Gnomes Garden 3 - The Thief of Castles
Hearts Medicine
12 Labours of Hercules 5 - Kids of Hellas CE
Gnomes Garden 2
Kitchen Brigade
Weather Lord - Royal Holidays CE
Party Planner
Incredible Dracula - The Last Call CE
Monument Builders - Rushmore
Evil Orbs
Jump Birdy Jump
Moai 3 - Trade Mission
Prehistoric Tales
Princess of Tavern
Amelie's Cafe Holiday Spirit
Amelies Cafe Halloween
Kingdom Tales Double Pack
Miriel's Enchanted Mystery
3D Pool - Billiards & Snooker
Campgrounds - The Endorus Expedition CE
Hospital Haste
Mini Metal
Weather Lord - Royal Holidays 
Monument Builders - Golden Gate Bridge
Pirate Chronicles
Moai IV - Terra Incognita CE
Pizza Frenzy
Medieval Battlefields - Black Edition
Moai IV - Terra Incognita
Spooky Mall
Weather Lord - Legendary Hero
Amusix Flute
Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home
Delicious Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Platinum Ed.
Delicious Emily's True Love
Build-a-lot World
Alice Greenfingers 2
Jojo's Fashion Show
Fashion Boutique
Delicious Emilys Wonder Wedding
Nanny Mania
Juliette's Fashion Empire
Top Chef
Ashton's Family Resort
Pinup Pinball
Ice Cream Craze 3
Miriel the Magical Merchant
Duck Life
Cat Wash
Fun Park Beach Blast
Jane's Realty 2
Jane's Zoo
Janes Realty
Lovely Kitchen
Amelie's Cafe Summertime
Aqua Fish2
Fab Fashion
Haunted Domains
Youda Sushi Chef
Travel Agency
Vanilla and Chocolate
Vogue Tales
Dancing Craze
Ice Cream Craze Tycoon Takeover
Leelo's Talent Agency
Posh Boutique 2
The Joy of Farming
Youda Fairy
Youda Survivor 2
Rachel's Retreat
Shannon Tweeds Attack of the Groupies
Frat House Mania
Jojo's Fashion Show 2
Sky Taxi 3
The Black Knight 
Iggle Pop
Amelies Cafe
Magic Sweets
A Sudden Meeting
High Tide
Rodriguez Revenge
Supper Stacker
3D UFO Pool Party
Summer Rush
Bird Bath
Dump Escape
Omnom Forest
Operation Chaos
Space Pilot
Frank the Ant
James Bomb 2
Pinball Football
Adventures Of James Bomb
Amusix Violin 
Lost on the Lost Planet
Music Dodge 
The Golden Gauntlet
A Walk in the Park
Canine Cruisers
Everything Nice
Get the Stars
Alien Paratroopers
Jedi Trainer
Club Malibu
Samurai Run 
Turtle Odyssey 2
Burger Shop
Delicious Deluxe
Fashion Craze
Fishing Craze
Gold Miner Joe
Golden Gauntlet
Huje Way 
Money Tree
Star Catcher
Alice Greenfingers
Go Go Gourmet 2
Mr Carrot Face
Family Restaurant
Fashion Fits
Jungle Plunge 
Search and Destroy
Watermelon Bomb 
Baby Blimp
Big Island Blends
Cooking Academy
Jane's Hotel
Janes Hotel Family Hero
Pizza Panic
Posh Boutique
Turbo Fiesta
Fashion Star
Fever Frenzy
Go Go Gourmet
Turtle Odyssey
Cathy's Caribbean Club
Fantasy Roller Coaster
Fashion Rush
Fitness Frenzy
Jenny's Fish Shop
Turbo Subs
Yummy Drink Factory


Action Games
Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action! CE 
Feeding Frenzy 2
Gnomes Garden 4 - New Home 
Supermarket Mania
In Service of the Queen 
My Kingdom for the Princess 4
Feeding Frenzy
Next Stop 2
Fabulous Food Truck 
In Service of the Queen PE 
Farm Mania 2
Bubble Shooter Adventures 
Set Sail - Caribbean 
Weather Lord - Legendary Hero CE
Wendy's Wellness
Aquanoid 2 Reloaded
Breakout Invaders
Egyptoid - Escape from Tombs
Galaxy Life
Gardens Inc. 4 - Blooming Stars CE
Luxor Quest
MOAI 3 - Trade Mission CE
Ghost Cleaner
Elves vs Goblins Defender
Luxor 5th Passage
Super Mechs
Finders Keepers
Alex Gordon
Farm Mania
Farm Mania Hot Vacation
Skies of War
Luxor HD
Butterfly Escape
Sky Taxi 2
Birds Town
Mr. Jones Graveyard Shift
Tumblebugs 2
School of Sword 
Gold Miner Holiday Haul
Potion Bar
Finders Keepers Christmas
BurgerTime Deluxe
Sky Kingdoms
Star Trigon
Huru Beach Party
Mad Skills Motocross
Sky Taxi 4
Sky Taxi
Camelia's Locket
Dragon Portals
Gold Miner World
Gwen the Magic Nanny
Incredible Express
Monkey Go Happy
Heli Attack 3 
Lunar Lander
Monster Evolution
N Way Of The Ninja
Midnight Strike 
Heli Attack 2 
Shark Mountain
Bug Battle Combat 
Chief Challenge 
Ghost Wrath 
Gun Run 
Alex In Danger 
Castle Cat
Castle Cat 3
Catch the Star 2 
Warfare Transporter 
Absolute Zero
Castle Cat 2
Cloud Soldier
Dragon Vector
Iron Works 
Jelly Castle
Puppet Wars
School of Sword 2 
Squirrel Escape 
BugBug in Sky Tower
Last Egg Standing 
Mission to Neptune 
Superstar Chefs
Tumble Bugs
Eenie Balance
Tiki Balls
Inca Ball
Neon Disks
Cloud Climber 
Skylocopter 2
Dressup Rush
Jackpot Matchup


Breakout Games
Action Ball 2
Smash Frenzy 4
Smash Frenzy 3
Bricks of Camelot
Bricks Of Egypt
Fairy Treasure
Gem Boy
Mega World Smash
Bricks of Egypt 2
Bricks Of Atlantis
Hyperballoid 2
Gravity Ball 2
Smash Frenzy 2
Smash Frenzy 2 New Worlds
Aztec Bricks


Strategy Games
Fish Tycoon
Roads of Rome - New Generation
Defense of Egypt 
Build-a-lot 2
Island Tribe
Farm Frenzy 4
The Promised Land
Great Little Wargame
Royal Envoy 2
Island Tribe 4
Build-a-lot Mysteries
Rescue Team 3
When in Rome
Druid Kingdom
Farm Frenzy 3
Roads of Rome 2
Build-a-lot Fairy Tales
Magic Farm 2
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes
FF3 American Pie
Hotel Mogul
Land Grabbers
Northern Tale
Roads of Rome 3
Happy Chef
Rescue Team 5
Build-a-lot 4
Build-a-lot: On Vacation
Garden Defense
My Farm Life
My Life Story Adventures
Rescue Team
Viking Brothers
Adelantado Trilogy
Hidden World
Island Tribe 2
Roads of Rome
Viking Saga
Ballad of Solar
Country Tales
My Life Story
Weather Lord
Build-a-lot 3
Fate of the Pharaoh
Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman
Aztec Tribe
Farm Craft 2
Fiona Finch
Magic Farm Ultimate Flower
Pioneer Lands
Royal Envoy
Virtual Families
Virtual Farm 2
Island Tribe 3
Jack of All Tribes
Rome Defenders - The First Wave
Coconut Queen
Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome
New Yankee 2
Rescue Team 2
Adelantado Trilogy Book 2
Buried in Time
Gardens Inc. Double Pack
Paradise Beach 2
Shop It Up
Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era
Magic Farm
Ski Resort Mogul
Smugglers 4
Battle Dawn
FF3 Russian Roulette
Battle Dawn Galaxies
Farm Frenzy 2
Sunshine Acres
Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar
Summer Resort Mogul
Triviador USA
Squares and Blades 
Royal Defense
Little Folk of Faery
Moai Build Your Dream
Ant War
Farm Frenzy
Rescue Team 4
Northern Tale 3
Island Tribe 5
Adelantado Trilogy Book 3
Royal Envoy 3
Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown
Sweet Shop Rush
300 Dwarves
Farm to Fork
The Happy Hereafter
Legends of Atlantis Exodus
Restaurant Empire
Youda Farmer
Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing
Farmer's Market
Ice Cream Mania
Among the Heavens
Be A King
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party
Tropical Farm
World Domination
Cinema Tycoon
Hero of the Kingdom
Kingdom Tales 2
Capitalism 2
My Kingdom for the Princess 2
My Kingdom for the Princess 3
Torys Shop N Rush
You're the Boss
Youda Marina
Building the Great Wall of China
Fashion Fortune
Totem Tribe
Build It
Captain Space Bunny
Funky Farm 2
My Farm Life 2
My Kingdom for the Princess
New Yankee in King Arthurs Court
Path to Success
Rescue Frenzy
Viking Saga: New World
Defend Your Castle
Dragon Crossroads
Fantastic Farm
Farm Craft
Farm Frenzy 10 in 1 Bundle
Kelly Green
Magic Life
Moai 2: Path to Another World
Outta This Kingdom
Passport to Paradise
Twilight City
Virtual Farm
Youda Farmer 2
Youda Safari
All My Gods
Architect Episode One
Farm 2
Habitat Rescue
Kingdom Tales
My Farm Life Bundle
Settlers of the West
Stoneage Cafe
Viking Saga: Epic Adventure
World Domination 2
Age of Adventure
Artist Colony
FF3 Ice Age
Risen Dragons
Towers of Oz
TV Farm 2
Youda Farmer 3 Seasons
American History Lux
County Fair
Farm Frenzy 3 Bundle
Goblin Defenders
Northern Tale 2
Plan N Plant
The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest
Vacation Mogul
Youda Fisherman
Zoo Empire
Death Star Battles
Amusement Park
Beach Party Craze
Hotel Mogul Las Vegas
Meridian Age of Invention
Plant Tycoon
Rescue Team 2 in 1 Bundle
The Beardless Wizard
The Golden Years
The Trouble with Robots
Vampires vs Zombies
Toy Factory
Interactive Buddy
Deep Sea Tycoon
King's Smith 2
Paradise Beach
Storm Astrum Defense 
Aztec Tribe 2
Retro Resources
Bee Commando 
New Yankee 2 Free Web
Towers Tactics Aphelion
Warthog Launch
Family Barn
Aquascapes Free Web
Squares and Blades 2
Demonic Defense 4
Coffee Tycoon
Deep Sea Tycoon 2
Zoo Vet
Funky Farm
Home Sweet Home
Moon Tycoon
Ice Cream Tycoon
The Sims Snap City
Zoo Vet 2
Venture Arctic


Realspace Saga
It's War Between the United Fleet and the Katuri Empire!
Real Space 2 - Emperor's Revenge 
Antaris Real Space 
Apocalypse Outpost 


Shooting Games
Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side
Gunner 2
Chicken Invaders 4
Deer Drive
Ocean Range 2
WW2 Tail Gunner
Flight for Fight
I Am Vegend
Endless War 7
Admiral Nemo
Battle Mechs
Endless War 3
Chicken Invaders 3
Endless War 5
Endless War 4
Endless War 6
Endless War Defense
Chicken Invaders 2
Clash N Slash 
Chicken Invaders 4 Thanksgiving
Chicken Invaders 3 Xmas
Chicken Invaders 4 Xmas
Chicken Invaders 4 Easter
Armada Tanks
RIP Strike Back 3
Chicken Invaders 3 Easter
Pearl Harbor Fire on the Water
Naval Warfare
Garters And Ghouls
Zombie 4 
Radical Aces
Combat Instinct 2
All Hallow's Eve
Dead Frontier Night Three 
Flash Strike 
Alpha Force
Sniper Defense 
Dead Frontier Night Two 
Mario World Overrun
Turbo Tanks
Ammo Ambush 
Zombie Storm 
Camper Strike 
Platypus 2
School Invaders
Zombie Squirrel Attack
Dead Frontier Night One 
Ammo Ambush 2 
Armed Invasion 
Puppy Invaders
Square Shooter
Ammo Chase 
Final Fortress
Nemo's Revenge
Tentacle Beast
Defend Your Dirt 
Astro Avenger 2
Hyperspace Invaders
Rail of War
Astro Fury
Clash N Slash Worlds Away
Island Wars 2
Xeno Assault 2


Hidden Object Games
Big City Adventure Shanghai
Shadow Wolf Mysteries - Under the Crimson Moon CE 
Grim Legends - Song of the Dark Swan CE 
Myths of the World - Of Fiends and Fairies CE 
Tales of Terror - House on the Hill 
Gardenscapes 2
Secrets of the Dark - The Dark Flower of Shadow CE 
Escape Rosecliff Island
Panopticon: Path of Reflections
Awakening - The Red Leaf Forest 
Amazing Adventures 2
Vacation Adventures - Cruise Director 3
Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger 4
Barn Yarn
Lost Legends - The Weeping Woman CE 
Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger 5 
House of 1000 Doors 2
The Fixer Upper
Hidden Expedition - The Crown of Solomon CE 
Curse of the Werewolves
Christmas Wonderland 7 
House of 1000 Doors
Queen's Quest III - The End of Dawn CE 
Natalie Brooks 3
Order of the Light - The Deathly Artisan
Fearful Tales - Hansel & Gretel
Mystery P.I. Los Angeles
Big City Adventure - Barcelona
Dark Arcana
Forgotten Books - The Enchanted Crown 
The Wisbey Mystery
Curse at Twilight
Hidden Object Speed Pack 
Rite of Passage - Hide and Seek CE 
1 Penguin 100 Cases
Christmas Stories 3 - Tin Soldier CE 
Fantasy Mosaics 13 - Unexpected Visitor
Dark Parables - Ballad of Rapunzel 
Dream Day True Love
Escape from Lost Island
Green Moon 2
Revived Legends - Road of the Kings
Royal Trouble - Honeymoon Havoc 
Forest Legends - Call of Love CE
Lost Lands - The Wanderer CE 
Murder, She Wrote
Awakening - The Red Leaf Forest CE 
Botanica - Earthbound
Dream Inn
Living Legends - Wrath of the Beast CE
Christmas Stories - A Christmas Carol
Clutter VI - Leigh's Story
Fear For Sale - Nightmare Cinema CE
Gourmania 3
Grim Legends - The Forsaken Bride
Halloween - Trick or Treat 2
Jane Angel
Kingdom of Aurelia - Mystery of Poisoned Dagger PE 
Medieval Mysteries Double Pack 
Mystery of the Ancients - Three Guardians CE
Where Angels Cry - Tears of the Fallen CE
Amaranthine Voyage - The Living Mountain 
Haunted Hotel - Ancient Bane 
Mystery Case Files - Fate's Carnival CE
Off the Record - The Italian Affair 
Princess Isabella - The Rise of an Heir CE
Sacra Terra
The Hidden Dragon 
Christmas Wonderland 6
Fishdom H2O
Relics of Fate: A Penny Macey Mystery
Twisted Lands Insomniac
Alicia Griffith Lakeside Murder 
Black Swan Collector's Edition
Christmas Stories 3 - Tin Soldier 
Final Cut - Encore
Haunted Manor - Painted Beauties CE 
Haunted Train - Spirits of Charon
Lost Civilization
Margrave Manor 3
Secret of the Royal Throne
Silent Scream II: The Bride
A Mystikal Bundle
Danse Macabre - The Last Adagio
Dark Parables - Ballad of Rapunzel CE 
Dark Strokes
Emberwing - Lost Legacy 
Grim Tales - The Vengeance CE 
Haunted Manor - Painted Beauties 
Nevertales - The Beauty Within CE
Riddles of Fate - Wild Hunt
Stray Souls - Stolen Memories
Tales of Terror - House on the Hill CE 
The Hidden Object Show 3
Through Andrea's Eyes
Amazing Adventures 3
Arizona Rose Puzzle Pack
Dark Dimensions - Somber Song
Dark Parables - Jack and the Sky Kingdom
Dark Strokes - The Legend of the Snow Kingdom 
Darkness and Flame - Born of Fire
European Mystery - The Face of Envy
European Mystery - The Face of Envy CE
Fright Collector's Edition 
Grim Facade - A Wealth of Betrayal
Grim Tales - Bloody Mary
Haunted Halls - Nightmare Dwellers
King Arthur
Lost Amulets - Mystic Land
Lost Island - Mahjong Adventure
Lost Lands - The Golden Curse CE
Mortimer Beckett Crimson Thief
Myths of the World - Spirit Wolf CE
Royal Detective - Queen of Shadows 
Shadow Town
Spirits of Mystery - The Silver Arrow
Surface - Reel Life 
Treasures of Mystery Island 3
Untold History - Descendant of the Sun
Yeti Legend - Mystery of the Forest
Bluebeard's Castle - Son of the Heartless
Crime Secrets - Crimson Lilly
Crossroad Mysteries - The Broken Deal 
Dark Cases - The Blood Ruby CE
Dark Dimensions - City of Ash CE
Dark Parables The Final Cinderella CE
Detective of Spirit World
Eventide - Slavic Fable CE
Fatal Passion - Art Prison
Haunted Hotel - Ancient Bane CE 
Hide and Secret 4
Illusions & Dark Secrets Hidden Object 2 Pack
Legends of the East - The Cobra's Eye CE
Mystery Trackers - Raincliff's Phantoms
Off the Record - The Italian Affair CE 
Parisian Mysteries Double Pack
Samantha Swift 2
The Lake House
The Last Dream
The Secret Order - Ancient Times 
Voodoo Whisperer
City Sights: Hello, Seattle!
Dangerous Games - Prisoners of Destiny
Dark Cases - The Blood Ruby
Dark Chronicles - Soul Reaver
Dark Strokes - The Legend of the Snow Kingdom CE
Dark Tales - EAP The Fall of the House of Usher
Escape the Museum 2
Eventide - Slavic Fable
Final Cut - Homage CE
Forgotten Books - The Enchanted Crown CE 
Haunted Hidden Object Super Pack
Haunted Train - Spirits of Charon CE
Mirror Mysteries
Mystery Age - Liberation of Souls
Mystery Case Files - Fate's Carnival
Myths of the World - Stolen Spring CE
Nightfall Mysteries 2
Nightmares from the Deep - Davy Jones CE
Off the Record - The Linden Shades CE
Parallels Cross
Princess Isabella - The Rise of an Heir
Sea of Lies - Nemesis CE 
Sprill and Ritchie
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Twisted Lands Shadow Town
Vision in White
Witches Legacy - Lair of the Witch Queen
Behind the Reflection
Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Vol. 2
Botanica - Earthbound Collector's Edition
Cruel & Deadly Hidden Object 2 Pack
Cursery - The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat
Dangerous Games - Prisoners of Destiny CE
Dark Lore Mysteries
Dark Parables - Jack and the Sky Kingdom CE
Empress of the Deep
Enigmatis - The Mists of Ravenwood
Fatal Passion - Art Prison CE
Fear for Sale - Phantom Tide CE
Fiction Fixers
Flights of Fancy - Two Doves
Haunted Legends - The Curse of Vox
House of 1000 Doors - Serpent Flame
Mind's Eye
Mountain Trap 2 - Under the Cloak of Fear
Mystery Trackers - Silent Hollow
Mythic Wonders - Philosopher's Stone CE
Natural Threat
Off the Record - The Linden Shades
Order of the Rose
Queen's Tales - The Beast and the Nightingale CE
Riddles of Fate - Into Oblivion CE
Sable Maze - Norwich Caves
Vengeance - Lost Love
Weird Park
Where Angels Cry
Whispered Secrets - Into the Beyond 
White Haven Mysteries
Womens Murder Club 4
World Keepers - Last Resort
Annies Millions
Awakening - The Sunhook Spire CE
Cadenza - Music, Betrayal and Death
Cursery - The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat CE
Danse Macabre - The Last Adagio CE
Dark Dimensions - Somber Song CE
Dark Tales - EAP The Fall of the House of Usher CE
Doodle God - Fantasy World of Magic
Emberwing - Lost Legacy CE
Escape the Lost Kingdom
Fear for Sale - Phantom Tide 
Fierce Tales - Marcus' Memory
Final Cut - Homage
Haunted Hotel Eclipse CE
Magic Encyclopedia Moonlight
Mountain Crime
Mysterium - Lake Bliss
Mystery and Murder Double Pack
Myths of the World - Spirit Wolf
Nevertales - The Beauty Within
New York Mysteries - The Lantern of Souls CE
Nightfall Mysteries
Otherworld - Shades of Fall Collector's Edition
Phenomenon - Outcome 
Queen's Tales - The Beast and the Nightingale
Sacra Terra 2
Sea of Lies - Mutiny of the Heart
Secrets of the Dragon Wheel
Strange Discoveries - Aurora Peak
Stray Souls - Stolen Memories CE
The Secret Order - Ancient Times CE 
Web of Deceit - Deadly Sands
Bridge to Another World - Burnt Dreams
Cadenza - Music, Betrayal and Death CE
Cruel Collections - The Any Wish Hotel
Dark Asylum - Mystery Adventure
Dark Canvas - Blood and Stone
Dark Canvas - Blood and Stone CE
Dark Dimensions - City of Ash
Dead Man's Folly
Fearful Tales - Hansel & Gretel CE
Goddess Chronicles
Grim Tales - The Vengeance 
League of Light - Dark Omens CE
Legends of the East - The Cobra's Eye
Mae Q'West
Mayan Prophecies - Cursed Island
Midnight Mysteries 3
Mysteries of the Past - Shadow of the Daemon CE
Mysterium - Lake Bliss Collector's Edition
Myths of the World - Stolen Spring
Otherworld - Shades of Fall
Phenomenon - Outcome CE 
Reveries - Sisterly Love
Reveries - Sisterly Love CE
Riddles of Fate - Into Oblivion 
Royal Detective - Queen of Shadows CE 
Search for Wonderland
Settlement Colossus
Showing Tonight Mindhunters Incident
The Gates of Xibalba
Vault Cracker
Whispered Secrets - Into the Beyond CE
Witches' Legacy - Hunter and the Hunted
Womens Murder Club 2
Amaranthine Voyage - The Living Mountain CE
Born into Darkness
Bridge to Another World - Burnt Dreams CE
Darkness and Flame - Born of Fire CE
Fear For Sale - Nightmare Cinema
Grim Facade - A Wealth of Betrayal CE
Grim Legends - The Forsaken Bride CE
House of 1000 Doors - Serpent Phrame CE
Infected the Twin Vaccine
Invasion 2 - Doomed
Legacy Tales
Mystery of the Ancients - Three Guardians
Nightmares from the Deep - Davy Jones
Order of the Light - The Deathly Artisan CE
Paige Harper
Redemption Cemetery - Bitter Frost
Sacred Almanac - Traces of Greed
Surface - The Pantheon
The Agency of Anomalies - Mind Invasion CE
The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen
The Torment of Mont Triste
The Vanished Hidden Object 2 Pack
Twisted Lands Origin
Unexpected Journey
Vampire Brides
Flights of Fancy - Two Doves CE
Kingdom of Aurelia - Mystery of Poisoned Dagger 
Memory Clinic
Myths of the World - Chinese Healer
Punished Talents - Seven Muses
Robin's Quest
Sea of Lies - Mutiny of the Heart CE
Secret Trails - Frozen Heart
Snark Busters
Surface - Reel Life Collector's Edition
The Agency of Anomalies - Mind Invasion
The Inquisitor
The Moonstone
Untold History - Descendant of the Sun CE
Witches' Legacy - Hunter and the Hunted CE
Weird Park: The Final Show
Jane Austens State of Affairs
Namariel Legends
100 Percent Hidden Objects
Sea Legends
Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover
Little Shop Memories
The Other Side: Tower of Souls
Manor Memoirs
4:50 From Paddington
Shadows Price for our Sins
GourMania 2
Mortimer Beckett Time Paradox
Pride and Prejudice
Abyss the Wraiths of Eden
Antiques Roadshow
Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia
Fall of the New Age
The Curse of Oz
The Fog
Golden Bird of Paradise 
Matchmaker 2
Natalie Brooks 2
Twisted Christmas
Amanda Rose
Broken Hearts
Dreamscapes the Sandman
Living Legends: Frozen Beauty
Magician's Handbook
Mystery P.I. - New York
Nightmares from the Deep
Stray Souls
The Twilight Zone
Treasures of Mystery Island 2
Amazing Heists: Dillinger
Atlantis Pearls of the Deep
Blue Madonna
Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night
Cate West The Vanishing Files
Jewel Quest Mysteries 3
Laura Jones
Living Legends Ice Rose
Mirror Mysteries 2
Paranormal State: Poison Spring Collector's Ed.
Pure Hidden
Three Days Zoo Mystery
Tower of Elements
10 Days to Save the World
Adventure Chronicles
Affair Bureau
Alex Hunter
Ancient Secrets
Ancient Secrets 2
Antique Road Trip
Brink of Consciousness
Brink of Consciousness 2
Crystals of Time
Eden's Quest
Guardian Dragons
Haunted Past
Hidden Object 10 in 1 Bundle
Jewel Legends
Legends of the Wild West
LUXOR Adventures
Midnight Mysteries
Midnight Mysteries 2
Mishap An Accidental Haunting
Mushroom Age
Mystery of the Dragon Prince
Myths of Orion - Light from the North
Night in the Opera
Princess Isabella 2
Samantha Swift
Samantha Swift 3
Shtriga Summer Camp
Snark Busters Bundle
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Escape the Museum
10 Days Under the Sea
Alexandra Fortune
Behind the Reflection Bundle
Berlin Nights
Call of Atlantis: Treasures of Poseidon
Dark Angels
Dream Day Wedding 3
Dying for Daylight
Echoes of Sorrow
Epic Escapes
Eternal Journey
Eternal Night
Fabulous Finds
Forbidden Secrets Alien Town
Journey of Hope
Little Shop World Traveler
Margrave Manor
Margrave Manor Remastered
Matchmaker Joining Hearts
Princess Isabella
Snark Busters 3
The Hidden Object Show 2
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Barn Yarn Free Web
Mystery Case Files Huntsville
20000 Leagues Under the Sea
Ancient Spirits Columbus
Black Rainbow
Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal
Campfire Legends
Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
Deadly Voltage
Dr. Wise Medical Mysteries
Dream Sleuth
Echoes of Sorrow 2
Esoterica Hollow Earth
Grace's Quest
Hide and Secret 3
Holly 2
Immortal Lovers
Island of Hope
Left in the Dark: No One on Board
Love Alchemy
Magic Encyclopedia
Magic Encyclopedia 3
Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King
Murder She Wrote 2
Mystery Valley
Pahelika: Revelations
Pretty in Pink
Questerium: Sinister Trinity
Real Detectives
Red Crow Mysteries
Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine
Special Enquiry Detail
Star Crossed Love
Tales from the Dragon Mountain
Theatre of the Absurd
Three Days Amulet Secret
Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave
Treasures of Mystery Island
Unlikely Suspects
Vampire Saga
Vampire Saga 3
Vampire Saga Bundle
Hidden Expedition Titanic
Beast of Lycan Isle
City Style
Deadtime Stories
Detective Stories: Hollywood
Downtown Secrets
Empress of the Deep 2
Faded Reality
Film Fatale
GHOST Chronicles
Ghost Encounters Deadwood
Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls
Hidden World of Art
Hollywood Files
Isla Dorada
Jewelry Secret
Journalist Journey
Kaptain Brawe
Magic Academy 2
Mexicana: Deadly Holiday
Million Dollar Quest
Motor Town
Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects
Natalie Brooks
Nearwood Collector's Edition
Shadow Shelter
Sisters Secrecy
Snark Busters 2
Sunset Studio 3
Superior Save
The Clockwork Man 2
The Clumsys 2
The Flying Dutchman
The Gift
The Jolly Gang
The Saint
Twisted Lands Bundle
Youda Mystery
Alabama Smith
Alice and the Magic Gardens
Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby
Autumns Treasures
Becky Brogan 2
Behind the Reflection 2
Biggest Little Adventure
Book of Legends
Column of the Maya
Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond
Fairy Tale Mysteries
Guardians of Magic
Jane Lucky
Jewel Quest Mysteries 4
Jodie Drake
Laura Jones 2
Masters of Mystery
MoM: Blood of Betrayal
Mystery Cruise
Nightmare on the Pacific
Oddly Enough Pied Piper
Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer
Sinister City
Something Special
Stroke of Midnight
Sunset Studio 2
Tales From the Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair
The Adventures of Sindbad
The Dream Voyagers
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2
The Otherside
Treasure Masters 2
Vampire Saga 2
Voodoo Chronicles The First Sign
WMC: Twice in a Blue Moon
Annies Millions Free Web
Gardenscapes 2 Free Web
Haunted House
9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek
Becky Brogan
Cruel Games
Cruise Clues
Fashion Finder
Into the Haze
Its All About Masks
Jack the Ripper
Lilly Wu
Marooned 2
Master Thief Skyscraper Sting
Miss Teri Tale 2
Runaway Express Mystery
The Great Gatsby
The Jolly Gang 2
The Tarots Misfortune
Time Riddles The Mansion
Travelogue 360 Rome
Treasure Masters
Warlock: The Curse of the Shaman
Forbidden Vampire Romance
Lost in the Garden
Magic Academy
Magicians Handbook 2
Mishap 2
Samantha Swift 4
Save Our Spirit
Dreamscapes Free Web
GHOST Hunters
Little Shop City Lights
Peril at End House
Surprising Adventures Free Web
Dream Day First Home
Dream Day Wedding
Little Shop Road Trip
Death On The Nile
Little Shop Of Treasures
Little Shop of Treasures 2
Spooky Manor
The Count Of Monte Cristo
Amazing Adventures
Dream Day Honeymoon
Dream Day Wedding 2
Fashion Apprentice
Hide and Secret
Hide and Secret 2
Holly A Christmas Story
Mystery of Unicorn Castle
Neptune's Secret
Women's Murder Club
Lost Worlds
Lucky Clover
Mystery of the Crystal Portal
Mysteryville 2
Spirit of Wandering The Legend
Sunset Studio
Wild Wild Quest


Sports Games & Skill Games
Garfield Kart
Gutterball 2
Martial Arts: Capoeira
3D Live Pool
Putt It In
Campo Kickers
Mini Golf Mayhem
Dart Game
Driving Mad 
3 on 1 
Hoops Mania 
Critter Cannon 
Park Soccer
Serf's Up
Hit The Ball
Super Fishing
Radial Pong
Roboxer 2 
Drop Off 
Mini Golf


Racing Games
FFX Runner
Mad Cars
Need for Madness
Crash and Burn Racing
HTR+ Slot Car Simulation
Stunt Bike Island
Frog Race 
Quibble Race
3D Driver
4 Wheelin!
Turbo Spirit 
Race Cars Extreme Rally
Turbo Spirit XT


Adventure Games
Age of Castles
Dragon Keeper
Oozi Earth Adventure
A Gypsy's Tale
Covert Front
Rare Treasures
Bermuda Escape
Submachine 5
Covert Front 2
Wonderland Adventures
Wonderland Secret Worlds
The Fog Fall
Escape Artist
Submachine FLF
Submachine 4
Northern Tale 4
The Fog Fall 2
Covert Front 3
Covert Front 4
Hidden Secrets
New York Mysteries - High Voltage
Piggly Xmas
Charger Escape
Dr. Who Episode 5
Dragon Keeper 2
Crazy Chicken Tales
The Fog Fall 3
Dr. Who Episode 4
Mysteries of Fire Island
Merlin's Revenge 2
Tortuga 3
Submachine 2
Submachine Zero
Turtix Rescue Adventure
Dr. Who
Dr. Who Episode 3
Submachine 3
Dr. Who Episode 2
Starship 7
Soap Bubble
The New World 
Bouncin Bop
Tortuga 2
Hapland 2
Leo's Great Day
Pricilla Gone Missing
Gateway 2
Relationship Revenge
Gorax Episode 3


RPG Games
Aveyond: Lord of Twilight
Millennium A New Hope
Feudalism 2
Aveyond: Gates of Night
Millennium 2
Laxius Force
Aveyond: Darkthrop Prophecy
Feudalism 3
Empires and Dungeons
Aveyond 2
Aveyond: The Lost Orb
Kivi's Underworld
3rd World Farmer 
Depths of Peril
Magic Stones
Grimoire Chronicles
Fast Crawl
3 Stars of Destiny
Submachine 6
Vagrant Hearts 2
Astral Masters
Fatal Hearts
Dragons of Atlantis
Flowering Nose
Grimm's Hatchery
Bandidos Desert
Mission to Mars 
Nimian Hunter
Science Girls
Puzzle Hero
Mr Robot


Halloween Games
Mythic Wonders - Philosopher's Stone
Fishdom Spooky Splash
Zombie Bowl-O-Rama
Halloween Clash 
Secret Bunker USSR


Christmas and Winter Games
Fishdom Seasons Under the Sea
Fishdom: Frosty Splash


Board Games
My Tribe
Legendary Slide 
Barnyard Mahjong 3 
Deal or No Deal
The Far Kingdoms - Forgotten Relics 
Virtual Villagers 5
IGT Slots - Game of the Gods
Mahjong Medley
Mystic Journey - TriPeak's Solitaire 
Mahjong Valentine's Day
Santa's Christmas Solitaire 
Legendary Slide Platinum Edition 
Solitaire - Valentine's Day - Match 2 Cards
Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 
Legendary Mahjong
Mahjong Fortuna 2 
Spooky Solitaire - Halloween
Sweet Candy Mahjong 
Fish vs Zombies Solitaire Double Pack 
Halloween Night Mahjong 2 
Lost Amulets - Stone Garden
Virtual Villagers 4
Escape from Paradise 2
Hotel Mahjong 
Solitaire Club
Egypt Solitaire - Match 2 Cards
Elves vs Goblins Mahjongg World
Hoyle Official Card Games
Solitaire Christmas - Match 2 Cards
Solitaire Legends 3-in-1 Pack
The Mahjong Huntress
Doodle God Solitaire
Hoyle Official Casino Games Collection
Mahjong Magic Journey 3
Mahjongg Ancient Mayas
Flowers Mahjong
Mahjong Fortuna
Winter Mahjong 
Empires of the Past Mahjong Double Pack
Magic Cards Solitaire CE
Solitaire - Beach Season 2
My Sweet 16
Gold Miner SE
My Sweet 16 Photoshoot
Virtual Villagers 3
Mah Jong Quest
1 vs 100
Virtual Villagers
Worlds Greatest Cities Mahjong
Mah Jong Quest 3
Spooky Mahjong
Trivia Machine Reloaded
Virtual Villagers 2
Worlds Greatest Places Mahjong
Worlds Greatest Temples Mahjong
Dice Mogul
Pony World Deluxe
Bettys Beer Bar
Mahjongg Artifacts 2
Age of Mahjong
Mahjong Memoirs
Island Realms
Mahjongg Dimensions 2
Slingo Quest
Fashion Solitaire
Mah Jong Quest 2
Black Dragon 
Mahjong World
My Sweet 16 School Musical
Virus 2 
Magic Inlay
Project 156 
Zombie Quiz 
Pimp My Zombie
Your Face 
My Sweet 16 High Fashion
Slingo Quest Hawaii
Trivia Machine
Kitty Luv
Pony Luv
Puppy Luv


Puzzle Games
The Trials of Olympus III - King of the World 
Rise of Atlantis
Christmas Puzzle 3 
Jewel Quest 2
Fairy Tale Griddlers - Red Riding Hood Secret 
Jewel Quest 5
Fantasy Mosaics 19 - Edge of the World 
Fourtex Zen 
Space Mosaics 
Fantasy Mosaics 12 - Parallel Universes
Rat and Louie - Cook from the Heart 
Jewel Match Royale 
Jewel Quest 4
Fantasy Mosaics 11 - Fleeing from Dinosaurs
India Garden 
Fantasy Mosaics 16 - Six Colors in Wonderland
Fantasy Mosaics 18 - Explore New Colors 
Chateau Garden
Rainbow Mosaics - Blooming Garden
Fantasy Mosaics 14 - The Fourth Color
Mystery Mosaics 2 
Puzzle Express
Fantasy Mosaics 17 - New Palette
Jewel Quest 6
Laruaville 5 
Secrets of Magic 2 - Witches and Wizards 
The Voice from Heaven 
Fantasy Mosaics 15 - Ancient Land
Holiday Jigsaw Valentine's Day 4 
The Lost Inca Prophecy
1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 3
Penguin Rescue 
World Mosaics 7
Fantasy Mosaics Super Pack - Volume 2
Passage 4 
Cat on A Diet
Cursed House 3
Laruaville 4
Rainbow Mosaics - Christmas Lights
The Secret of Arcanesium 
The Trials of Olympus II - Wrath of the Gods
Travel Riddles - Trip To France
World Mosaics 8 - Fiction Fixers
Christmas Griddlers - Journey to Santa
Cubis Gold
Rainbow Web 3
Santa's Toy Factory Nonograms 
World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 
Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders
Four Seasons Around the World - Spring in Japan 
Holiday Jigsaw Christmas 3 
Jewel Match Twilight
4 Elements 2
Claws & Feathers
Fishdom 2
Popper Lands Colony 
Silver Tale
Solitaire Game Halloween 2
The Treasures of Montezuma 5
Big Kahuna Reef 3
Call of the Ages
Clear It
Fantasy Quest 2
Imperial Island 3 - Expansion
Jewel Quest Seven Seas CE
Our Wonderful World
Travel Riddles - Trip to Greece
Atlantic Quest 3
Mystika 3 - Awakening of the Dragons
Pirate Mosaic Puzzle - Caribbean Treasures
Rainbow Mosaics - Christmas Lights 2 
World's Greatest Places Mosaics
Age of Heroes - The Beginning
Alice's Patchwork 2
Bubble Zoo 2
Cubis Creatures
DragonScales 2 - Beneath a Bloodstained Moon
Griddlers - Victorian Picnic 
Hidden Clues
Holiday Jigsaw Christmas 4 
Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles 
Lost in Reefs
The Far Kingdoms - Magic Mosaics
Bubble Double
Button Tales
Doodle God Griddlers
Forgotten Tales - Day of the Dead
Holiday Jigsaw - Valentine's Day 3
Liong: The Lost Amulets
Tangled Up!
1001 Jigsaw World Tour - Asia 
Crop Busters
Fairy Quest Match 3 Double Pack 
Legend of Egypt - Jewels of the Gods CE
Mana Crusher
The Chronicles of Noah's Ark
Treasures of Montezuma 2
Yummy Dreams
Christmas Collection Super Pack 
Egypt Picross - Pharaoh's Riddles
Empires of the Past Match 3 Double Pack
Holiday Jigsaw Halloween 4
Holiday Mosaics - Halloween Puzzles
Numbers Puzzle Pack
Solitaire - Match 2 Cards - Thanksgiving Day 
Venture Double Pack 
Big Brain Wolf
Christmas Mosaic Puzzle
Fantasy Quest 2 Collector's Edition
Fill And Cross Trick Or Treat 3
Gizmos Interstellar Voyage
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash 
Heroes of Hellas 2
Heroes of Hellas 3
Hidden Clues 3 - Gang Wars
Jewel Tree
Nonograms - Wolf's Stories
Ricky Raccoon
Secrets of Magic - The Book of Spells
Thanksgiving Day Mosaic
The Torment of Mont Triste CE
1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 4
7 Gates
A Magnetic Adventure
Antique Shop - Lost Gems - London
Antique Shop Lost Gems - Egypt
From the Sky 
Gems of the Aztecs
Holiday Jigsaw Easter 3
Maze Lord
Miko Mole
Pirate Jigsaw 2 
Ricky Raccoon 2 
Save Halloween - Witches City
The Adventures of Veronica Wright - The Lost Tomb
Tisnart Shapes 
Valentine's Day Griddlers
World's Greatest Temples Mahjong 2
BLOX Forever 
Around The World In 80 Days
Hidden Clues - Miami
Legacy: World Adventure
Lily's Epic Quest
Mosaics Galore 2
Queen's Garden Halloween
Super Gloves Hero
Treasures of Montezuma 2 in 1 Bundle
World Mosaics 4
Super Collapse 3
I Heart You Too
Jewel Story
League of Mermaids
Rooms - The Unsolvable Puzzle
SUMICO - The Numbers Game
Pretty Beasts
Virus 3
Professor Fizzwizzle
Call of Atlantis
World Mosaics 6
Path of Hercules
Lost Head
Fairy Island
World Mosaics
Gold Rush Treasure Hunt 
The Treasures of Montezuma 4
World Mosaics 5
Fishdom: Depths of Time
Fortune Tiles
Liong the Dragon
The Snow
7 Wonders Treasures of 7
Fishdom 3
Professor Fizzwizzle Molten Mystery
4 Elements
Galactic Express
Gem Shop
Mosaic: Game of Gods
Quilting Time
Spring Bonus
Sticky Linky
Sudokuball Detective
The Idiot Test
Alchemist's Apprentice
Mahjong Secrets
Rainforest Adventure
The Enchanted Kingdom
World Mosaics 3
Rainbow Web
Chainz Galaxy
Coffee Rush 2
El Dorado Quest
Jewel Quest 3
Jump Jump Jelly Reactor
The Enchanting Islands
Treasure Island 2
Wizard Land
Youda Jewel Shop
10 Talismans
Akhra The Treasures
Enchanted Cavern 2
Jewels of the East India Company
Lost City of Aquatica
Paradise Quest
Runes of Avalon 2
Shopping Marathon
Super Stamp
Time Machine Evolution
Fireworks Extravaganza
Night Before Christmas
A Dwarf's Story
Coffee Rush 3
Demolition Master 3D
Flower Paradise
Forgotten Places Lost Circus
Gold Fever
Heroes of Hellas
Jewel Keepers
Lost in Night
Puzzle Inlay
Slingshot Puzzle
Treasure Island
Tropical Fish Shop 2
Ballville the Beginning
Dr. Despicable's Dastardly Deeds
Heroes of Kalevala
Legend of Fae
Lost Fortunes
Robins Island Adventure
Sea Journey
Sudoku Latin Squares
The Village Mage: Spellbinder
Tibet Quest
Way of an Idea 2
Fairy Nook
High Seas Deluxe
Lost Kingdom Prophecy
Magical Mysteries
Mean Girls
Sudoku Quest
The Microbie Story
Tinseltown Dreams
Treasures of Montezuma 3
A Good Hunch 
Alabama Smith 2
Enchanted Cavern
Flower Power
Puzzle Quest 2
Treasures of the Ancient Caravan
World Voyage
Snow Tree 
Connect 4
Eenie Bounce
Jewel Quest
Oriental Dreams
Puzzling Paws
World Mosaics 2
Clouds 2
Mirror Magic
Path of Hercules Free Web
Super Collapse 2
Worlds Greatest Places Mahjong Free Web
Caribbean Hideaway
Fragile Vase
Ocean Express
SpongeBob Collapse
The Greedy Sailor
Collapse Crunch
QBeez 2
Restaurant Rush
Atlantis Quest
Crime Puzzle
Legend of Aladdin
Magic Match 2
Rainbow Web 2
Shape Shifter
Totem Quest
Coffee Rush
Jewel of Atlantis
Lost City Of Gold
Luck Charm Deluxe
Magic Match Adventures
Pastry Passion
Posh Shop
Temple Of Jewels
Treasure Pyramid
Arctic Quest 2
Heart of Egypt
Land of Runes
Little Farm
Fairy Quest
Treasures of Montezuma


Card Playing Games
Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 
Hoyle Official Solitaire
The Far Kingdoms - Sacred Grove Solitaire
Jewel Quest Solitaire
Zombie Solitaire
Solitaire Mystery Four Seasons
Poker Superstars 3
Solitaire Mystery
FreeCell Wonderland
Governor of Poker 2
Dream Vacation Solitaire
Governor of Poker
Soccer Cup Solitaire
Jewel Quest Solitaire 2
Royal Challenge Solitiare
Aloha Solitaire
Solitaire Mystery Free Web
Pharaoh's Solitaire
Mystery Solitaire
Hotel Solitaire
Jungle Fruit
Hoyle Miami Solitaire


Word Games
Super Text Twist
Flip Words
Word Cross
Word U
Grammar Ninja
TextTwist 2
Flip Words 2
Ink Battle
Ninja Hunter 
Word Slinger
Shangri La
Wild Words
Jig Words
Dam Beavers
Shangri La 2


Multiplayer Games
Play these classic multiplayer games against real live oppenents!
Club Marian
Tank Ball
Marian's World
Sherwood RPG
Starforce Delta

Games with High Scores

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